We live in a vibrant, fast moving and colourful world, why should your viewing experience differ?
Bright images, accurate colours and high refresh rates, we design the room and viewing experience around recreating your content the way it should be seen.

Video is a technology that is constantly evolving.
We can all think back to our first tube TV in black and white, and later in “techni colour”.
Next came the evolution or rear projection big screens, then plasma technology.
Today 4K HDR is a standard, and TV’s are as thick as a pizza hanging on your wall.
You can cast video, mirror screens, stream movies and pause live TV.
TV’s are flat, curved, smart and voice activated.
Each manufacturer has their renamed proprietary technology to entice you into spending and expanding their brand.
We are living in exciting times.

Let us help you spend where it matters in creating a custom home theatre, TV or pyjama lounge, bar room experience, or the right TV for relaxing in the bath.
Heck, we can make screens pop out of your ceiling, kitchen cabinet, ottoman, or even appear in the glass of your bathroom mirror.
Starting to feel embarrassed about your box TV and bunny aerial? Chat to us, we’ll bring you into the future.


Centralised video sources
Centralised source control
4K video distribution
Video walls
Custom home theatre projectors and screens




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