A bright idea

Bringing light into the darkness

In the beginning the earth was formless and void… and God said “Let there be light”.
If it was of initial importance to Him, shouldn’t we consider same?
Smart lighting integrated into a well designed home will change the entire home owner experience. Let us put the control in your hands.

Lighting is the most utilised technology system in any home.
From the moment you wake up until you are ready to close your eyes, you are flicking switches… on, off, dimmer, brighter, off, on, off…
Smart lighting is one of those systems that our wives fight us on, not seeing the value in being able to turn off the entire home, or set levels on multiple circuits and recall them at the touch of a single button… but let me tell you, it is the one system they are going to love the most! – personal testimony “Mark Pearce”

Lighting can be integrated to work with almost every other technology or trigger in the home.
Here are just a few:
Proximatey driven switching
Time based lighting levels
Linked to AV
Linked to scenes
Lighting flashes when doorbell rings when audio is high
Lighting schedules add impression of occupancy for security
Lighting flashes when alarm is triggered

Need I go on?
Here’s a bright idea: let’s add smart lighting to your life.


Bus driven lighting solutions
Centralised smart lighting
Localised smart lighting
Retrofit lighting solutions
Lighting integration into security settings
Configurable keypad programming




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