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Most people perceive Home Automation to simply be an integrated control system.
True home automation minimises the monotonous and laborious tasks of everyday life, offering a sense of absolute luxury.
Imagine being able to open every curtain on an entire floor with the push of a single button, or better yet, have them open at sunrise and close at sunset.
How about having lights turn on ahead of you when you arrive home, and switch off moments after you settle into your room?
What about dimming the lights when a movie starts, and brightening to 70% when you pause for a bathroom break?
Or speaking of bathrooms, having lights automatically turn on upon entry, but only to 30% during early hours of the morning so as not to wake you?

With a little ingenuity, innovation and a concept, we can make almost any scenario a reality.
Let us help make your dreams a reality.


Integration of subsystems into main control system
Programming scheduled events
Programming advanced scenes
Programming automated security responses
Access control integration to lighting and AV
AV integration with lighting
Proximatey triggered lighting, and temperature control
Weather based temperature control
Time based lighting, shade and curtain automation
Personalised home settings per individual
Programming artificial occupancy
Energy efficient automation through timer driven programming
Scheduled activation of pumps and motors
Remote user control of complete home
Offsite feedback of services and event
Warnings/feedback of events
And all other clever thingsā€¦




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